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Naviern is a Web3 navigation app that rewards users by navigating their daily commute


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This project is perfectly passive, unlike other games that require the user’s performance or physical acts such as running. Following the introduction of Move2Earn in Game-fi and Web3, there was a void in the space for an opportunity to benefit passively from your everyday commute. Naviern aims to fill this void by launching an app that allows users to earn passively by performing a simple part of their daily lives, navigating.

Earning System In depth

The earning rate is dependent on multiple factors.


Travel Distance & Time


NFT level & wear


Users in app Energy level


Mode of transport


Quantity of users using app with reward functionality enabled.


Vehicle energy source

Introduction Naviern Explained

Naviern strives to break the mold of traditional navigation apps, and turn navigation into an enjoyable experience from which users passively earn as they complete their journeys.

Navigate and Earn using naviern from anywhere across the globe 

Given users own or rent the in-app asset NFT specific to their method of transportation and navigate their journey using the Naviern app

Whether it be driving, walking, or public transport; Naviern is open to all modes of travel
Road Map
Q4 2022
Whitepaper/litepaper release
Website, Socials release
UI/UX design
Technical development for Naviern app begins
Q1 2023
Team KYC
Initiation of token development and audit
Database design
Initiating Backend & App Repo
Q2 2023
Authentication & Security Management
MAP module Development & API Integration
Ride Calculation & Cheat prevention
algorithm Development
Mainnet Test & Launch
Q3 2023
Cloud integration
NFT Module Development & Integration
Wallet API Integration
Completion of in-app marketplace
Q4 2023
Bug Fixes
NFT minting and upgrading enabled
Naviern Cloud Deployment
Further development of App security
Rideshare Module Enabled
Q1 2024
NVRN/NST swap feature enabled
Additional Navigate 2 Earn Modes Release
AR/VR Navigation enabled
Q2 2024
New Update with added features
Further optimized interface

Whether it would be driving, walking, or public transport; Naviern is open to all modes of travel

The Naviern app is your one stop shop for passively earning crypto with a wide range of in app utility & features.

In app Naviern Wallet

Tokens and rewards earned from users' journeys will be stored in the in-app wallet.

In App Marketplace

The Naviern marketplace will be an in app feature which allows you to buy & sell Naviern NFTS from the same app you use them

Award Center

Award Center is where you can view your daily challenges, rewards earned, and check other detailed information about optimizing your earnings.

Our Team

Humza Gohar Kabir

Founder & Expert in Computer Vision

Mert Sasmaz

Co Founder & Software Engineer

Ismet Okatar

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

Asim Oguzcan Onur

Head of Marketing

Ismet Okatar

Co-Founder&Software Engineer

Asim Oguzcan Onur

Head of Marketing

Driving, walking, and public transport

We offer a completely passive earning system along with our fully functioning navigation app.

NST acts as the reward token earned by the user, and can be used to repair wear. NVRN is the governance token used in the marketplace etc.

Users can also rent an NFT to begin the earning process.

Stay tuned on our social media for the announcement.

Naviern aims to empower users and allow them to earn NST tokens for their time, hence making navigation an enjoyable means of passive earning.

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